Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chocolate Bouquet

Thinking of giving something special, unique and awesome for someone special?Most of the time when you give a bouquet of flowers to signify your love to the loved ones, it ended up in the bin after one week the most. Why don't you try giving them something that is authentic, special, unique and awesome like "A bouquet of Roses Chocolates" from our product range?.. It taste great, yummy and the most important thing..with the AWESOME can surely capture your love one's heart.

Animated Choc

Animated Chocolates with your preferred cartoon character can be chosen from our wide range awesome chocolates with variety of filling from nuts, dried fruit, fruit paste, biscuits bubble rice and many more. The latest in the house is the Ben 10 Chocolate with Sweet Sour Haw Flake.

Chocolate Bar

Our chocolate bar comes in various sizes; Large, Medium and Small. Check out our new wrapping for our chocolate bars.